Citywide Permitting.

Permits, planning and licensing,
done faster.

Municipalities are saving over 50% on operational costs with Citywide Permitting vs. traditional methods.

Mobile phone with Citywide Permits mobile app on screen.

Benefits for your entire community.


Manage your building and non-building related permits, inspections and associated payments in one secured location.


Allow your field staff to schedule and manage inspections on-the-go via the Citywide Permits mobile app. Oversee everything online.


Create tailored checklists and notifications. Adjust your workflows by permit and license types, documents, reviews and more.


See the big picture with GIS mapping. View your permit and inspection details on an interactive map. Filter layers by attributes and risks.

Laptop with Citywide Permitting software on screen.

Simplify your permits and licenses with ease.

Build tailored reports

Create standard or custom reports for easy data retrieval and analysis.

Create custom letter templates

Improve team productivity with tailored document templates to easily generate permit letters and notifications.

Grant licenses with ease

Gather data, schedule inspections, send renewal notifications and fee records from one user-friendly location.

Take control of all long-term plans.

Simplify the application process

Obtain data for all planning applications. Create processes for each application type including fees and reviews so you never miss a step.

Keep everything you need in one place

House all pre-consultation information, notes, reviews, pictures and more for every project. Analyze data with custom reports.

Upgrade your
in-field activities.

Never miss a beat with the Permits Mobile app. Automate your processes to save time and money.

Have data at your fingertips

Quickly access all task lists, property records, past inspection details and more.

Improve response times

Pass or fail permits in the field for improved productivity and citizen response times.

Schedule and manage inspections

Attach photos, documents and notes for all permits and inspections.

No internet? No problem.

Document all information and easily sync it to your database once you have regained a connection.

2 mobile phones showing Citywide Permits mobile app on screen.
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Trusted by municipalities across North America.

“E-permitting will be a game-changer moving forward, especially given the pandemic and the need for remote capabilities.”

Jonathan DeWeerd
"Using PSD Citywide to track permits is amazing! In two seconds I was able to see if an area was already occupied by other contractors or had other works occurring and see what all those other works in the area were."
Kaley Harkins
"Citywide has allowed me to significantly expedite the time taken to report on building permit activity within the municipality, track building permits and enforcement activity and access information with only a few clicks."
Jason Simpson
Illustrated composition of citizen using laptop, Citywide software in web browser, and message bubbles. Minimalist illustration style.

Show your citizens you care.

Allow your citizens to easily submit applications online with the Citizen Portal. 

Easily add the Citizen Portal to your website
for efficient data collection.

Enable pre-calculated fees for quick processing

Send email notifications to ensure your applicants are always up-to-date

Streamline your process with permit reference numbers

Discover how epermitting can revolutionize your organization by saving you valuable time and money. Download our brochure to learn more.