Geospatial Maturity Index: Measuring Public Sector Geospatial Program Maturity

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Measuring Public Sector Geospatial Programs

The Geospatial Maturity Index was developed in 2018 to help public sector organizations measure their GIS departments and program maturity amongst their peers.

The survey is organized into three sections reflecting the core competencies of a GIS program:

  • Readiness – The capability to establish and sustain a GIS program with funding and staff capacity as well as buy-in from senior management and council.
  • Implementation – The availability of tools, processes, and data to support robust GIS programming.
  • Impact – The benefits that the GIS program has yielded for both the organization and the public.

Through the GMI survey, participants showcased the innovative ways they use GIS to better serve the public and improve internal processes—including the use of GIS in public health during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

North America’s Top 25 GIS Programs – 2022

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Read the 2022 GMI Report!

The 2022 GMI Report provides an in-depth analysis of survey results as well as achievements and challenges of some of our top participants.