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Our partners enable our clients to elevate their performance and fulfill their ambitions in providing better experiences for their citizens and employees. Our objective is to craft revolutionary solutions for local governments. This entails facilitating seamless integration with top-notch applications and building solutions with experts in their field, fostering mutual success for both partners and clients.

A Unified Platform. An Open API.

Citywide Platform Diagram.

At PSD Citywide, our Open API serves as a cornerstone of collaboration, empowering integration partners to seamlessly connect their solutions with ours, thereby expanding the capabilities of our platform. With our Open API, integration partners gain access to a wealth of data and functionalities, allowing them to create innovative, tailored solutions that address the specific needs of our clients – platform-wide or within a specific module. 

This level of flexibility not only enhances the value proposition for our partners but also fosters a thriving ecosystem of interconnected tools and services. By leveraging our Open API, integration partners can streamline workflows, improve data accuracy, and deliver added value to clients, ultimately driving mutual success and empowering local governments to thrive in the digital age.

Integration Partners.

Integration partners enhance the value for our clients by seamlessly integrating complementary services and tools into the Citywide platform. These partnerships enable clients to access a wider range of functionalities and streamline their workflows even further. Whether it’s integrating GIS mapping software for better spatial analysis, payment processing systems for seamless transactions, or CRM platforms for improved customer interactions, integration partners help clients tailor the Citywide Platform to their specific needs. By leveraging these partnerships, clients can optimize their operations, enhance user experiences, and achieve greater efficiency in their day-to-day processes.

Solution Delivery Partners.

Solution delivery partners play a role in augmenting value for our clients by offering specialized expertise and support for different modules of the Citywide Platform. These partners collaborate closely with clients to deliver solutions based on their unique requirements and objectives, providing customized solutions tailored to their needs. By leveraging the domain knowledge and technical proficiency of solution delivery partners, clients can expedite the deployment of the Citywide Platform, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing return on investment. Whether it’s providing training, consulting services, or ongoing support, solution delivery partners empower clients to drive operational efficiency and achieve their business goals.

Citywide Assets.

WithersRavenel’s Lifecycle Planning Managed Service empowers communities to combat underfunded infrastructure projects. Designed to provide community managers and leaders with actionable insights, their managed services offer predictive analysis to identify potential infrastructure failures, along with tailored recommendations on budget allocation and treatment strategies. 


The Citywide Assets software module can be delivered through the company’s managed service solution to clients in the United States.

Matt Dawe

Founder & CEO
PSD Citywide

“Our partners are not simply technology firms and solution providers, they are hand-selected for their shared mission to deliver a better experience and superior support for our clients.”

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Whether you are a firm that can offer packaged service delivery solutions or a technology firm offering a valuable integration tool to support our Citywide Platform, we are open to talk. All partnerships are carefully reviewed to ensure they deliver added value to our clients and solutions. Reach out to us to learn more.