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Streamline your operations with confidence. Make the right decisions for your community with a leading asset management solution.

Move your city forward with
PSD Citywide's Asset Management Software.

Connect your teams

Empower staff with visibility into asset data in the field or office. Easily add updates and assessments.

Improve data accuracy

Streamline your data collection process and eliminate time-consuming manual-entry errors.

Drive more efficiency

Free up time by reducing duplicate tasks and manual entries so you can focus on strategic outcomes.

Access better reporting

Run automated reports and asset profiles for advanced analysis and efficient planning.

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Enterprise asset management software for data-empowered cities.

Streamline asset management and work order management

Enhance corporate decision-making and communications

Power advanced planning and analysis with key insights

Developed by our team of experts with smooth implementation

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Key Features

Create asset profiles
and reports

Run custom, automated reports and asset profiles for advanced analysis and efficient planning.

Evaluate asset life
and model risks

Forecast lifecycle events, future costs, and make risk calculations to better plan and prioritize resources.

Calculate asset
replacement costs

Track and assess your asset conditions to forecast upcoming asset replacement costs.

Develop a data

House all of your assets on one secured platform. Track asset inventory, sort, filter, import and export with ease.

Easily map
your assets

Seamless integration with Citywide GIS and third-party GIS solutions to visualize assets and condition data.

Set unlimited asset attributes

Enhance your asset records and empower better decision-making with custom configurations.

Enhanced Features

Asset Collector

With access to accurate mobile data, your staff increases asset management efficiency and performance.

Decision Support

Make smart infrastructure and planning decisions based on comprehensive data – including funding needs, lifecycle scenarios, performance, and risk factors.

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Strengthen your community
with our expertise.

PSD Citywide’s advisory team includes engineers, geospatial technicians, chartered accountants, and former municipal executives. With decades of hands-on experience, our team is ready to walk you through every step of the process of planning, strategizing, and more.

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Better delivery. Better decisions. Better price.

PSD Citywide’s all-in-one solution connects your entire team without integrating multiple expensive systems.

  • Flexible pricing options to meet your unique needs
  • Connect all teams with one source of asset data
  • Plan budgets easily and effectively

Discover how an asset management system can help local governments increase efficiency and effectiveness.


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