Case Study:

Central Frontenac

Cover image of Central Frontenac case study.

$50,000-$60,000 Saved Yearly

In addition to cost savings, the Township has seen benefits across departments such as easier reporting, visibility & traceability.

Secured Staff Buy-In

By gradually introducing new tools, processes, and emphasizing their value, the Township secured the necessary budget.

Better Service to Citizens

With an Asset Management Plan (AMP) the town was able to gain valuable insight that allowed them to deliver better service to their citizens.

Since 2012, he Township of Central Frontenac has used the Citywide Software Platform and leveraged PSD Citywide’s Asset Management Advisory Services. This case study explores their journey towards modernizing their asset management program and implementing asset management software. Central Frontenac’s experience offers valuable insights into how a small town built a mature asset management program from the ground up.

“With Citywide Maintenance, my front counter staff is now enabled to answer customer queries on the fly, as they come in, without having to call and take time to physically deliver messages. It’s instantaneous. Citywide Maintenance is priceless”

Michael McGovern

Treasurer, Central Frontenac Township