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Innovative software and comprehensive advisory to not only show our clients the future but to deliver on it.

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Prepare your community for a sustainable, resilient future.

Our team of trainers and asset management advisors assist clients to provide advanced training to core asset management teams and introductory training to broader support teams and decision-makers.
Develop and implement tailored frameworks for risk management and lifecycle management with our asset management advisors. Establish technical and community level of service metrics to better measure the success of your asset management program.
This model allows clients to access our support and expertise as needed, enabling the development and execution of asset and GIS data strategies that are realistic and best support the data goals of the organization.
PSD Citywide’s Asset Management Policy provides guiding principles and expected outcomes for your asset management program, while the Asset Management strategy outlines your priority initiatives and detailed steps to establish a high-functioning, resilient Asset Management program.
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We help you review your annual budget process to ensure it aligns with strategic plans and service needs.
Meet ever-changing compliance and regulatory requirements, financial conditions, and resource pressures.
Be prepared to navigate sector and government accounting requirements & compliance standards.

Get a customized GIS data assessment, allowing you to easily improve or fill gaps in your geospatial data.

Assess your state of geospatial maturity and develop a multi-year plan. Our experts will guide you through your GIS program development.
Leveraging images, data, and geospatial information you already have, let us create and manage your GIS dataset for you.
GIS, a completely customizable solution, provides your team with unique insights by linking your existing GIS tools or use it as a standalone system.
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Grant Services

Submit successful applications – customized, researched, targeted, and on time.

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Municipal Grant Service (MGS)

Grant money can help fill in the gaps of strained budgets and resources, but staying up to date on what’s offered, and writing effective applications is a challenge. The experienced PSD Citywide grant team can take the pressure off.

Municipal Grant Funding Applications

Our policy analysts and grant writers team is ready to help municipalities, Indigenous organizations and other government agencies write and review grant applications. Our team keeps you in the know about what’s available to supplement your existing revenue streams.

Citywide Training Academy

Learn the ins and outs of Citywide software from the experts that built it

Software training for all experience levels

As part of our services, we provide
training to new and advanced Citywide software users.

Get started with any of PSD Citywide’s series of self-guided virtual training courses developed by the Academy’s expert trainers.

These courses are for users of the Citywide Assets, Maintenance, and GIS modules. Each course is tailored to different experience levels and allows you to learn at your own pace with the flexibility to stop, rewind, and pause the session within the allotted time period.

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PSD Citywide makes municipal management better. We build software and provide advisory that keeps your people, services, and data in sync.


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What can the Citywide Platform do for you?

Better Decision Making

Plan ahead and make smarter, data-driven decisions in a single solution.

Connect Your Departments

Connect all your teams and departments with one easy-to-use software.

Improve Service Delivery

Meet the service demand for your growing community with confidence.

Strengthen Your Community

Have the foundation to build a more resilient community and organization.