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PSD Citywide combines innovative software and comprehensive advisory to not only show our clients the future, but to deliver on it.

Software Solutions

An all-in-one solution to streamline your daily operations, prevent risk, and plan for the future. Empower your field and office staff with the tools they need to stay connected.






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Advisory Services

Prepare your community for a sustainable, resilient future. Our experienced advisors ensure the development of programs based on industry best practices. Our cross-disciplinary approach will provide your staff with lasting knowledge.

Asset Advisory

Financial Advisory


GIS Advisory

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Powering Strategic Teams

“PSD Citywide’s help was essential in facilitating the restatement of Peace River’s 2018 Financial Statements. Having insight into what to look for and what to ask for saved time and energy.”

peaceriver regional district
Peace River
Regional District

“PSD Citywide has provided Corinth with a great tool to move forward and build upon to meet the needs of our future growth and fiscal responsibilities.”

City of Corinth

“The fact that we’ve been able to create service requests and send them out and that staff are able to access from wherever they’re working from, [Maintenance Manager]’s just been an incredibly valuable tool.”

City of Port Colborne

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