Asset Plan Advisory Services

Make the most of your resources with
a plan unique to your community.

Identify future trends
& develop a process.

Identify challenges the community will face when dealing with infrastructure and services on a sustainable basis, for today and for future generations. Apply your implementation strategy to optimize the prioritization of renewal, rehabilitation, and maintenance activities.

Expect the unexpected.

Identify potential infrastructure and service issues and protect your organization with evidence-based decisions.
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Know the details.

Identify infrastructure deficits, strategies to meet program objectives, and specific funding needs with accurate forecasting of infrastructure replacement and enhancement requirements.

Your unique needs.

Work with our asset management experts to create comprehensive and reliable plans for your community. We also ensure your Asset Management Plan is compliant with federal and provincial/state regulations.
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Make operations efficient.

By prioritizing renewal, rehabilitation, and maintenance activities, make the most of your time and effort – and your budget.

A plan tailored for you.

Gather essential

Starting the process with an infrastructure report, you'll get a picture of asset inventory, deterioration and rating with financial data.

Know how your community ranks

Benchmark your community by looking at key performance indicators, public engagement, and levels of service provided.

Manage assets strategically

An effective asset management plan looks at risks, prioritizes needs, then determines the appropriate solutions.

Use resources efficiently

Our team will help you develop a financial strategy that is based on reliable and accurate data so you can use resources efficiently.

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Get the most out of your infrastructure investment.

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