Citywide GIS.

A robust geospatial solution to leverage your data to it's fullest extent. Use it on it's own or integrate it with your existing systems - whatever works best for you.

Transform the way you make decisions.

Full Workflow Migration

PSD Citywide's experts migrate existing workflows or help you create new ones

Enter and Access
Data Anywhere

Streamline your mobile data collection to save time and money

Accurate and
Secured Data

Store your entire organization’s GIS data in one secure, fully managed database

Full Training
and Support

Comprehensive training for all levels, plus on-the-job support as needed

Key Features

Consolidate your

Simplify your operations. Manage your entire organization’s GIS data in one secured location via web or mobile app.

Create custom
map views

View what matters to you. Add custom filters, symbols, parcel and property layers, and text styles.

Generate asset

Quickly analyze and share data. Generate visual reports on your assets and make informed decisions for your community.

Apply asset IDs

Powerful analysis and communication related to average asset condition, replacement cost, risk ratings, work orders and more.

Digitize spatial data

Track every asset. Digitize features from aerial photos or imported GPS data for assets such as buildings, roads, subdivisions and natural features.

Filter by layers

Create parcel and property layers to visualize specific asset types. Style your layers by attribute and filter them by risk and asset condition.

Diagram showing how the combination of Aerial photos, CAD data, printed maps, and location data results in a GIS Dataset.

Let us build your GIS dataset.

Take advantage of a comprehensive GIS dataset. Our experts will digitize, convert or reformat existing data into geospatial data for you. No matter where you’re at, we do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the important stuff from the start.”. If there’s room to add bullet points below this text, then add the following: “Influence decision-making, Uncover new knowledge gaps, Predict events with data, Link GIS to your asset management program, Enhance departmental communication

By integrating geospatial data, local governments can unlock their full potential.

Unlock the full potential of your municipality with GIS technology. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – reach out to us today and let us show you how to revolutionize your operations.

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