Citywide Permitting.

Make managing your permits and associated billing activities easy with user-friendly software that's customizable to your needs.

Revolutionize your organization's permit management with our web-based system.

Say goodbye to manual work

Eliminate paper documents and manual processes to save time and improve team collaboration.

Enhance citizen communication

Allow your citizens to quickly submit permit applications and seamlessly process payments online.

Improve the inspection process

Let remote staff access all permit information, including property records, easily while on the road.

Best-in-class implementation

Our team is here for you through the entire process, including legacy data and post-implementation support.

Backed by Experience

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Key Features

Centralize your

Manage permit and inspection data, as well as associated costs in one secured location for better data management.

Schedule and track inspections

View inspection details online or via a mobile app. Enable your field staff to schedule and control their inspections remotely.

Access real-time information

Equip your team with real-time data for improved task management. Access zoning information, addresses, and more.

Manage permit fees and billing

Handle all permit and refundable fees, development charges, and billing activities in one location.

Record reviews
and tasks

Quickly view task lists, property records, previous violations, and past inspection results to simplify the inspection process.

Build tailored

Create standard or custom reports by permit types and more for easy data retrieval and information analysis.

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Consider adding our e-Permits feature which allows your residents to visit your website and submit their permit applications easily online.

  • Efficient collection form on your website
  • Smart reference numbers generated for you and your applicants
  • Pre-calculated fees for quick processing
  • Email notifications to track permits

Permits Mobile

Streamline your permit and inspection management from anywhere using your iOS or Android device. 

  • View daily inspector schedule
  • Access all past inspection information 
  • Pass or fail a permit in the field 
  • Attach photos and notes
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A plan tailored for you.

Effective communication is imperative for local governments.

Clarity is not a luxury, but a necessity to ensure that information is accurately disseminated and understood. Contact us to learn more.

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