Case Study:

Thames Centre

Cover image of Thames Centre case study.

260+ Hours Saved per Year

Available on desktop and a mobile app, the solution has eliminated the need for supervisors to look over every work order, service request, or checklist.

Departmental Organization

All service requests, work orders, tasks, and inspections are now seamlessly documented and easily accessible through Citywide Maintenance.

Decrease Manual Error

The municipality has increased efficiencies and decreased manual errors by eliminating legibility and accuracy issues that stemmed from pen-and-paper.

The Municipality of Thames Centre’s Recreation and Facilities Management Division is responsible for maintaining the Municipality’s parks, trails, libraries, fire halls, arena, cemeteries, athletic fields, and aquatic facilities. Through the implementation of the Citywide Maintenance, the Division has transformed its work order processes to be completely paperless.

“Citywide Maintenance is a valuable organizational tool – it saves us time and resources that we previously lost when managing a traditional work order process. It keeps all of our work orders organized in one spot, streamlining the entire process.”

Devon Brown

Parks and Facilities Supervisor, Municipality of Thames Centre