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Manage and deliver your resources more effectively. Let’s unlock your municipality’s possibilities together.

Address the demands of a
growing community.

Increased infrastructure needs, along with limited time and resources can stretch your team thin. PSD Citywide’s tailor-built municipal solutions help you address the demands of a growing city. Our asset management advisory and strategy services assist your team – helping you use current resources more efficiently and plan better for the future. Together we can make your community better.

Building and infrastructure operations run more smoothly with an asset inventory that’s up to date.

Wooden park bench on green grass facing paved path on a sunny day.
Maintenance worker with hardhat under arm and using mobile phone.
No matter how big or small the community is, plan ahead and track every asset condition, cost, and work history.
Make smarter financial decisions while adapting to changing economic structures with budgeting, forecasting, and reporting tools.
Two colleagues reviewing graphs on a desktop computer.
Aerial view of residential houses in suburb on a sunny autumn morning.


Boost productivity, improve communications, and make better-informed decisions by unleashing the power of GIS data.
Save time, optimize your resources, and improve accessibility with permit management software and e-permitting functionality.
Side view of maintenance worker in orange safety vest and white hard hat using tablet on construction site.

Case studies that became success stories.

Aerial view of the City of Stratford in Autumn.

Case Study: City of Stratford

Case Study: Stratford Download the Story Streamlined Reporting Process What previously involved manual analysis, now requires only a few clicks within Citywide Permitting, saving time

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