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PSD Citywide makes municipal management better. We build software and provide advisory services that keep your people, services, and data in sync.

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Citywide Assets.

One complete asset register to power your enterprise system.

Enhance decision

Plan infrastructure projects more effectively with projected levels of service—including condition and risk.

Advanced analysis and easy reporting

Create asset profiles for similar asset types and easily generate detailed lifecycle strategies, risk matrices, and condition reports.

Field ready with the
Citywide App

Using their iOS or Android device, staff are able to see their assets in the field, update attributes, and enter condition assessments.
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Citywide Budgeting.

Future-proof your budgeting for today’s demanding fiscal environments.

Salary forecasting

Visually plan for anticipated events such as promotions, compensation changes and more while handling complex scenarios.

Budget requests

Submit formal budget requests, enable quick and accurate approvals.

Dynamic reporting

PSD Citywide Reporting is a dynamic tool for budget presentations, periodic variance analysis, and financial statement and forecast reporting.

Capital Planning

Forecast your capital project resource requirements today and into the future.
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Citywide Maintenance.

Streamline, enhance, and track all municipal operations.

Transform your

Manage all service requests and work orders from one system.

Route Patrol

Optimize your organization’s routine and winter patrols.

Schedule preventative maintenance

Generate data-rich reports on previous service requests and create maintenance schedules.

Citizen Portal

Better, faster customer service with our online citizen request portal.
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Citywide GIS.

Empower your team with mapping data for better planning and communication.

One enterprise view
of assets

Empower every member of your organization to access GIS data without paying per-seat pricing.

Enhance infastructure planning

Create coordinated asset IDs for all assets in a specific neighbourhood, enabling fast and powerful analysis and communication.

Visual work order management

See your work orders and service requests visually on a map.

Supportable data

Supports industry-standard spatial data formats (ESRI shapefiles, KML/GML etc.) and can integrate with your existing GIS solution to create a unified view of your asset data.
Citywide Permitting.

Drive more efficient and accurate permitting.

Dynamic permit

Generate standard, out-of-the-box reports and create customized reports with just a few clicks.


Add permitting to your organization’s website to allow citizens to submit permit applications.

Centralized permit management

Save time with all information—from digital drawings to property details—all in one place.
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PSD Citywide Advisory

More than 20 years of asset management & budget advisory expertise.

PSD Citywide’s advisory services are designed to increase public sector financial confidence and better equip our clients to manage infrastructure. We deliver asset management plans, corporate strategies, improved data and reporting, and enhanced policies and controls to guide you toward your long-term and short-term goals.
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What can the Citywide Platform do for you?

Better Decision

Plan ahead and make smarter, data-driven decisions in a single solution.

Connect Your Departments

Connect all your teams and departments with one easy-to-use software.

Improve Service Delivery

Meet the service demand for your growing community with confidence.

Strengthen Your Community

Have the foundation to build a more resilient community and organization.

Seamless integrations with your essential software.






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