Case Study:

Town of High Level

Cover image of High Level case study.

Re-established Asset Management Culture

The Township established asset management, improve staff awareness, and formalize asset management teams.

Accurate & Flexible
Reporting Capabilities

Creating customizable reports like lifecycle, Levels of Service, and risk frameworks were built to support infrastructure planning.

Structured Foundation For Long-Term Success

The township is on a path to fulfill its asset management goals and broader infrastructure objectives with a structured approach.

Mature asset management programs are crucial for municipalities to efficiently deliver public services while managing risks and optimizing cost savings. This case study explores how the Town of High Level, Alberta, embarked on its asset management journey by adopting its first asset management strategy, laying the groundwork for improved operations.

“Many municipalities, including the Town of High Level, dive into implementing asset management too quickly. They do not take the time to understand where they are, where they want to be, and how to get there.”

Hayley Gavin

Land Use and Planning Manager, Town of High Level