Citywide Maintenance and Our Commitment to the Client Experience 

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At PSD Citywide, we understand the pressures that municipalities are faced with when they are expected to provide additional services to citizens without the option to increase staff capacity. Whether it’s providing exceptional customer service by tracking customer requests more efficiently or tracking maintenance activities related to municipal infrastructure, we know that every community’s operational requirements and business processes follow a sophisticated approach that must be tailored to meet specific needs. Our team of seasoned advisors at PSD Citywide work in close collaboration with clients, acting as the architects of this digital transformation. Together, we strive to identify service delivery nuances, streamline work order processes, and digitize standard operating procedures (SOPs) and maintenance checklists.

How Citywide Maintenance Can Serve Your Municipality

The nature of implementing a system of tracking service requests provides us with unique insight into municipal operations, as it typically necessitates working with an array of business units within a municipal corporation. After years of exposure to all types of operations, our team members have gained valuable knowledge about how municipalities typically navigate change and the common barriers they face when implementing new systems. As a result, these accumulated insights are captured in our internal knowledge base and become embedded into our modules and subsequent training processes wherever possible. 

Often, a lack of technological experience can elicit hesitation and apprehension towards adopting a new software. Our hands-on approach to training means that we guide our clients through the software adoption process from start to finish.  This also includes the adoption of the Citywide Mobile application for field staff such as roads foremen, mechanics, and park maintenance technicians, among others. As part of our commitment to excellence, workshops and hands-on technical training are part of our implementation routine to ensure that operational processes are seamlessly integrated into a community’s software configuration. These training sessions, whether conducted remotely or on-site, consistently result in increased enthusiasm as municipal staff discover the user-friendliness of these applications. In numerous cases, we’ve received feedback from clients who are relieved that their least tech-savvy staff members feel confident using our platform for their daily responsibilities – most notably from their cellphones. 

Whenever we begin working on a new project, our project kickoffs revolve around helping clients visualize the complete lifecycle of a request: from initial citizen contact, to the service request entry in the Citywide Platform, followed by the work order creation, task assignment, and ultimately,  the closure of the initial request. Throughout this entire process, the system ensures ongoing communication with the customer through timely email notifications. Moreover, we aid clients in developing maintenance schedules which enables the automation of recurring work orders for tasks like monthly playground inspections. Route Patrol, an enhanced feature of Citywide Maintenance, empowers municipalities to monitor their compliance with the minimum maintenance standards (MMS) for road patrolling. Operators can effortlessly record compliance status while patrolling, report road surface deficiencies, generate work orders, and even capture images directly through the Citywide Mobile application, ensuring streamlined maintenance operations. 


Citywide Maintenance is more than just a software solution, it’s a holistic approach to revolutionizing maintenance management across municipalities. By tailoring the solution to the unique needs of each client, facilitating seamless integration of real-world processes, and providing ongoing support and training, we empower municipalities to elevate their maintenance operations, boost efficiency, and foster trust amongst citizens. This commitment has led to a 97% client retention rate. Discover how your community can embark on its journey toward a more connected, efficient, and responsive municipal maintenance management system.

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