Get the big picture of your utility infrastructure with data-driven technology. Together, let’s safeguard the future of your utility assets and service delivery.

Provide the most sustainable solution to mitigate the highest risks.

Communities often struggle to maintain aging utility infrastructure.
PSD Citywide’s solutions can make it easier to manage by putting you ahead
of the curve with data-driven evaluation and planning.

Get the big picture of your utility infrastructure, from hydrants and treatment plants to transformers and substations, allowing you to make informed decisions and maximize your engineers’ ability to meet growth, regulations, operating efficiency, and maintain aging infrastructure.

Citywide Maintenance reduces the impact of aging water, electrical, and other utility infrastructure as it provides data and streamlined workflows to address maintenance issues like non-revenue water (NRW). It also allows citizens to report any issues such as a hydrant leak or a downed powerline, providing easy government tracking and quicker issue resolution.

Inspector wearing yellow safety vest and hard hat, holding tablet while talking on mobile phone near water pipes.
Close up of rusted pipes bursting with water.

Access the data across your utility systems, providing your team with the key information needed for making smart asset decisions. By tracking the lifecycle, risk, and condition of your system, you make better decisions about water mains, transformers, treatment facilities, and substations. Prepare by safeguarding against common issues and react faster to implement fixes and changes.

Case studies that became success stories.

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Case Study: Town of High Level

Case Study: Town of High Level Download the Story Re-established Asset Management Culture The Township established asset management, improve staff awareness, and formalize asset management

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Your community’s safety comes first.

Ongoing evaluation and planning are critical for managing aging assets and infrastructure in a cost-effective, timely manner. Let us show you how your plans become our purpose.