Citywide Budgeting.

Take control of your budgeting operations. Make financial decisions that align with your goals now and into the future

Plan better and maintain operations within budget.

Precise Control

Multiple views and reports provide the impact of changes on an account, department, or your whole organization.


Our tools allow you to budget, plan, and report in one system. Unlimited scenarios are supported throughout the process.

Improved Accuracy

Prevent data errors and version control issues, providing your team
with complete data
and easy reporting.

Enhanced Security

Create security roles and audits to control access, version changes, and minimize system maintenance.

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Operating Plan

The Operating Plan tool allows you and your team to produce single or multi-year budgets in a secure, centralized database. Facilitate unlimited collaboration and flexibility throughout the process, without sacrificing control. Track all changes with enhanced security to see who changed what, when, and why.

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Salary Plan

You can create accurate, collaborative plans, and forecasts for all staffing expenses. Our graphic tool lets you visualize changes such as promotions or overtime and also allows for various scenarios to be modeled, providing you with better reporting and planning.

Capital Plan

Plan for the impact of capital projects and forecast the needed resources. Your team can easily predict how a capital project will impact the operating budget with improved workflow. Rank prioritized projects and identify a project’s funding source with Fund Manager.

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Budget Request

You can rank, prioritize and justify budgetary requests, making better use of your resources. This multi-level workflow system gives you comprehensive control of the budget and also allows for the creation of business cases; making it much easier to present budget books to council and other stakeholders.


Prepare and automate data any way you like with this dynamic tool for budget presentations, periodic variance analysis, and financial reporting. It allows you to summarize by category, drill down into details and distribute reports to those who need them. It retrieves data from multiple scenarios and compares changes to improve communication. Make things easier by automating your critical reports.

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Budget Book Prep

This tool will help you prepare your budget book to take to council. One of the few software solutions to do everything in the same system, financial reports can be viewed electronically and shared internally and externally.

Key Features

Create single and multi-year budgets

Effectively allocate funds and calculate costs of services to align with your long term goals.

Generate custom

Improve visibility and save time with automated financial reporting tools tailored to your needs.

Apply scenario

See how organizational changes will impact your financial projections and revenue forecasting.

Track version changes

Improve data accuracy. Prevent version control issues or data errors by tracking version changes.

Manage budget requests

Rank, prioritize, and streamline user budget requests to make better use of your time and resources.

Budget book preparation

Set and meet your financial goals. Easily create a budget book and share data with stakeholders.

Future-proof your budgeting for today’s demanding fiscal environments.

Start achieving your financial goals. You’re just a click away.

Ensuring fiscal responsibility should be a paramount concern for local governments.

Unlock the power of data-rich reports and effortless cost calculations. Connect with us today to discover how.

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