Citywide Maintenance.

Experience smoother operations with a cloud-based solution for more collaborative teams.

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Management Made Meaningful.

Citywide Maintenance is an enterprise maintenance management cloud solution. Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) enables municipalities to access and manage service requests and work orders across municipal operations remotely — an essential function when face-to-face isn’t always possible.

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Your Plans. Our Purpose.

Connect your team anywhere

Determine what you’re using, how much you’ve used, and your labour costs easily.

Create service requests

Improve workflow by managing incoming requests and work orders and assigning them to workers or contractors.

Easy cross-system integration

Maintenance seamlessly integrates with all other PSD Citywide modules and existing systems.

Mobile app for field teams

View and edit work orders in the field. Prioritize time for better efficiency. Upload images, documents, and manuals directly.

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When clarity is not optional, it’s critical.​

Transform your workflow. Generate data-rich reports. Auto-calculate asset costs.​

Improve operations for everyone.

With desktop and mobile versions, our software streamlines your complete work order process – from service request to work order generation – and captures valuable real-time data in the field for improved record-keeping and decision-making.

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See everything with rich reporting.

Use easily generated, data-rich reports to identify areas of improvement and plan ahead by automatically calculating resource requirements on proposed projects.

Real-time management in the field.

With our iOS or Android app, field staff can track and complete work orders and inspections, visualize assets, update condition, and streamline field work processes.

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Reduce liability with inspection work orders.

Reduce your liability with up-to-date, accurate, detailed, and organized inspection reports. Classify and customize work orders to maximize your ability to document and pull figures for an inspection record and status.

Streamline workflows between all modules.

Automatically feed data from all other modules in the Citywide suite of software to ensure all relevant employees have access to the most up-to-date, accurate information.

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Key Features

Track maintenance

Record labor, parts and material inventories, equipment usage, and vendor costs.

Set-up preventative maintenance alerts

Look out for your assets. Save money and increase asset life with preventative maintenance notifications.

Create custom

Use custom reporting capabilities to better analyze your data and identify areas of improvement.

Classify work orders

Facilitate regulatory compliance with detailed inspection reports from custom work orders.

Manage service requests

Improve your workflow by seamlessly managing incoming requests.

Calculate resource needs

Plan ahead. Find out how many resources you need for proposed projects and their associated costs.

CMMS Software Add-Ons

Route Patrol

PSD Citywide’s Route Patrol helps field staff complete road and winter patrols accurately and efficiently with automated work orders and optimized routes.

  • Collect data with iOS and
    Android apps
  • Customize and optimize routes
  • Complete routine and winter patrols
  • Generate detailed reports
  • Create work orders and
    service requests
  • Track minimum maintenance standard compliance

Citizen Request Portal

Enhance your citizens’ engagement and make your operations more efficient with a simplified online portal for all citizen requests.

  • Simple online portal that anyone
    can use
  • Customizable fields for better
    data management
  • Reduce phone calls with unique tracking on each request
  • Service requests are automatically directed to the right department
  • Fast and streamlined reporting

Clear communication is a necessity for effective local government.


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