PSD Citywide enriches its ePermitting solution with licensing and planning additions

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The new Citywide Permitting solution delivers a superior experience for developers, citizens and municipal staff alike as demands increase across North America.

What is the Citywide Permitting Solution? 

Citywide Permitting is a leading software solution for municipalities of all sizes which now delivers permitting, planning and licensing capabilities. With Citywide Permitting, municipalities are equipped to optimize their processes to efficiently issue permits, licenses and planning developments. By automating their processes with one comprehensive solution, municipalities can do more with less, significantly reduce or even eliminate manual work and physical document hand-offs. 

Key Highlights of the Citywide Permitting Solution


  • Customize workflows: Create tailored checklists and notifications. Adjust your workflows by permit types, required documents, reviews, fees and inspections.
  • Go Mobile: Allow inspectors to track and capture all inspection results in the field eliminating manual paper work with the Permits Mobile app.


  • Simplify the application process: Obtain data for all planning applications. Create processes for each application type including fees and reviews so you never miss a step.
  • Manage everything in one location: House all meetings and pre-consultations information, notes, reviews and pictures for every project, and analyze data with custom reports.


  • Grant licenses with ease: Gather data, schedule inspections, send renewal notifications and fee records from one user-friendly location.
  • Effortlessly renew licenses online: Easily set and send internal communications and external notifications to your applicants so they can renew their licenses online before they expire.

As a secured and scalable solution, municipal staff and applicants benefit from the improved communication and data management processes that the Citywide Permitting solution delivers. Office staff can view permits and inspections with interactive maps on the Citywide GIS Viewer and use custom document templates to easily generate letters and notifications, saving both time and money. 

Applicants can take advantage of the Citywide Portal to easily submit permitting, planning and licensing applications. Delivering the best experience possible, applicants can save their application draft and finalize it at a later time if needed without losing any of their progress. Reference numbers and email notifications allow them to easily track updates, and obtain pre-calculated fees for quick processing. Municipal staff can create custom workflows per application type with mandatory input fields to force fee collection and reviews before moving the application onto the next stage. 

Upgrade Your In-Field Activities with The Citywide Permitting Solution 

Empower your field staff with the Citywide Permits Mobile App. Inspectors can schedule and manage inspections, attach notes, documents and images on-the-go, and pass or fail a permit in the field. Inspectors can get the full picture by viewing current and past inspection details in the app, along with an interactive map. They can sync data in real-time to easily stay connected with office teams.

Expert Implementation and Support Teams

From beginning to end, the PSD Citywide team is here for you and your community every step of the way. With PSD Citywide, you get more than just software, you get a team that is driven to help you succeed. 

Download the Citywide Permitting brochure or book a demo to learn more.

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