2022 Geospatial Maturity Index Results and Report

The 2022 Geospatial Maturity Index (GMI) is the fourth year that PSD Citywide has published its benchmarking study for GIS programs. The GMI survey is a tool for public sector organizations to measure the maturity of their GIS (geographic information system) programs and serves as a resource to guide participants in advancing their programs.

A total of 97 organizations completed the 2022 GMI survey. Among the participants were 72 organizations from Canada and 25 from the United States. Organization types represented included upper tier, lower tier, and single tier municipalities, police services, public utilities, provincial government organizations, and conservation authorities.

This report includes the announced Top 25 GIS Programs in North America for 2022, a trend analysis of survey results, and a glance at the achievements and challenges of some of our top participants.

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